Friday, April 11, 2008

Thai Sea Food Blog : Today recipe and tips "Pla Jalamet Phat Haeng"

Pla Jalamet Phat Haeng
( Fried White Pomfret with Cashew Dressing )

Thai Sea Food Blog : Ingredients
- 300 grams filleted white pomfret
- 2 tbsp. corn flour
- 2-3 shiitake mushrooms soaked in water
- 2 tbsp. diced frankfurter
- 1 tbsp. diced carrot
- 1 tbsp. diced onion
- 2 tbsp. sliced baby corn
- 2 tbsp. cashews
- 2 tbsp. cooking oil
- 1-2 tbsp. light soy sauce
- 1/2 tsp. pepper

Thai Sea Food Blog : Preparation
1. Flour the fish with the corn flour. Heat about two cups of oil in a frying pan. When hot, fry the until crisp and golden, remove from the oil, and drain.
2. In a clean frying pan, heat 2 tbsp. of oil and fry the mushrooms, frankfurter, carrot, onion, baby corn, and cashews, seasoning with the pepper and soy sauce. When done, add the fish and quickly stir and turn with the spatula to mix with the other ingredients. Then, dip up onto a serving plate and decorate.

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