Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thai Sea Food Blog : Today recipe and tips "Pla Samli Daet Diao"

Pla Samli Daet Diao
( Fried Sun-Dried Kingfish )
Thai Sea Food Blog : Ingredients
- 1 kingfish 500-700 grams
- 1 tbsp. finely sliced shallot
- 2 tbsp. shredded green mango
- 1 tsp. shredded hot chilli
- 3 tbsp. fish sauce
- 2 tbsp. lime juice
- 1 tsp. palm sugar
- 2 cups cooking oil

Thai Sea Food Blog : Preparation
1. Wash and clean the fish. Fillet,leaving the two sides joined along the belly. Open the fish out flat so that the skin is downward, remove the bones, and sore the flesh with a knife.
2. Ater allowing it to dry, lay the fish opened out flat in strongsunshine for five to six hours, turning regularly so the sun strikes both the skin side and the interior.
3. Pour the oil into a deep frying pan and place on a medium heat. When the oil is hot, place the fish, still opened out, in the oil. When the lower side becomes crisp and golden, turn the fish and continue frying until it is done on both side; than, remove from the pan, drain, place on a serving dish, and arrange leaves of lettuce around it.
4. Toss the shallot, mango, and chilli together, seasoning with fish sauce, lime juice, and palm sugar so that a sour taste is the predominant one. Spoon into a bowl and serve with the fish.

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Hamster said...

Don't know if you've seen this already but if not Yu might be interested in this website.
It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along
Good if you like to try cooking Thai food at home